The Association of Strong Women Alone for Widows and Separated Women : Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

Widows Separated Women

A mass membership based
state-wide organization
of low income widows
and separated women
in Rajasthan, India,
who organized
and aware -
are on the move.

A day will come, when other's eyes will see

A day will come, when other's tongues will speak

A day will come, when All will hear

A New World is Possible!

A New World is Possible!!


Successes of the Association of Strong Women Alone

Lobbying is done by the Association members for the demands of the Single women with the Government, community and the people representatives from time to time, whose results are somewhat as listed below:

As a result of continuing lobbying with the State Government; some of the successes are:

  • The Government has issued a Government Order that widows and separated women are to get priority on drought relief works.
  • School fees for sons and daughters of widows and separated women have been waived, in total, in government schools up to Class 12.
  • The government grant given to widows at the time of a daughter's marriage which was Rs. 5,000 has been raised to Rs. 10,000.
  • The widow pension – the Association is lobbying for Rs. 1,000 per month, but the pension has increased from Rs.200 when the Association was formed, to Rs. 500 per month. Under the widow Pension and Old age pension, one of the criteria for pension entitlement of having son below the age of 25 has been removed.
  • Earlier the pension was also started for Divorced women but now the separated women whose case has been in process in the court or who has been living separately with her husband from last three years are also eligible for the pension.
  • Old age pension for the women who are more than 75 years of age is Rs.750/-.
  • Pension to all the widow and old age women who comes under BPL category is started without any rules.
  • Preference to widows for teacher vacancies in government schools
  • Legal recognition to the divorce granted by a Qazi for all administrative and governance purposes in the Muslim Community. With this effect now Muslim Divorced Women are eligible for pension and for all government facilities and entitlement.
  • The State Government has given 8 percent reservation to widows and 2 percent to Divorced women in government jobs.
  • Widow Palanhaar Scheme has been started and the scheme amount is Rs. 675 per child per month. Earlier it was only for one child but now up to two children of widows are beneficiary under the scheme.
  • Provision for Separate job card for Single Women in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme.

Achievements and Successes in the Social and Cultural Changes

  • From the time of Association of Strong Women Alone is formed, a lot of changes have come in the social and cultural state of the women alone. These are listed as below: -
  • After getting attached to the Association, thousands of women have broken the restricted customs of the community and bought a change in the living of themselves and of other sisters alone. The members attached with the Association are participating in the auspicious occasions and rituals in the marriage of their children. Now they are wearing colorful cloths, using bindi at their forehead and henna at hand.
  • After getting attached to the Association, Single women have started coming out of their houses and participates in the training and conferences for three-four days.
  • Are making their place by attaching in the mainstream of the community and are struggling for living a respectful life.
  • Are taking their right in land property by taking benefits of government schemes and by starting new works for income enhancement and are strengthening their economical state.
  • After getting attached to the Association, women are also learning to read and write in the literacy camps and are doing their work on their own.

Changes in the political state:

After giving 50 percent reservations to the women in the Panchayati Raj by Rajasthan Government, many women alone have fought the election for the three levels of the Panchayati Raj and some of them attained victory. Those women alone who are attached with the Association and are public representative, they are doing strong work on the issues/ problems of the single women.

Expansion in other states

Association is giving co-operation to poor women alone of other states. Till now Association has given co-operation in Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Gujrat, Punjab and Maharashtra.